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A Year in Brief - 2016


1st Velocity Events – Maidstone Duathlon
Zara Harrison 1st AGP. Jonathan Harrison 5th AGP


17th 7Oaks Standard – Sevenoaks
Jason Harvey 2.03, Graeme Brown 1.59


1st Velocity Events – Maidstone Sprint Triathlon
Richard Hussey 6th AGP

Tonbridge Lions – Sprint
Ellen O’Shea 1.49

18th Ocean Lake Aquathlon
Ron Evans 34.14 8th Overall

21st Bridge Events – Marshman
Ron Evans 1st AGP 4th Overall


5th  Velocity Events – Cranbrook Sprint Tri
Nicola Susan 1st Lady. Sarah Alexandra 3rd Lady 1st AGP.

Penny Arundel 2nd AGP Debbie Thompson 7th AGP.

Lee Cooper 6th AGP. Colin Cable 22nd AGP. Matt Perry 17th AGP
Note: Sarah Alexandra, Debbie Thompson and Colin Cable First Triathlon

8th June Ocean Lake Aquathlon
Ron Evans 32.57 2nd Overall Ellen O’Shea 43.53

12th  IRONMAN Middle Distance – Staffordshire

Sam Cable Time 5hrs 16. Neil Smart 5hrs 53. Danny Jenner 6hrs 06. Steve Fincham 6hrs 17

ITU Series – Leeds
Spencer Lee time 3hrs

18th  IRONMAN Middle Distance – Luxemborg
William McLennaMcKenzie Rank WGP 14th TIME 5hrs 49


Harwich Sprint – Harwich Essex
Ellen O’Shea time 1hr 30

19th Bridge Standard Distance – Dartford
Mark Abela 1st AGP. Jason  Harvey

25th Leeds Caste Sprint
Ellen O’Shea 1hr 50

29th  Larkfield Team Aquathlon – 16 Teams Participated
1st Swimmer Marcus Ford, 2nd Sam Cable, 3rd Dave Barton
1st Runner Matt Field, 2nd Sarah Alexandra, 3rd Chris CP
1st Team Matt Field & Daren Eastman, 2nd Sarah Alexandra & Billy Hemmell, 3rd Chris CP & Alison Eastman. 



3rd Velocity Events – Canterbury Sprint Tri
Nicola Susan  1st Lady. Sarah Alexandra 1st AGP. Debbie Thompson 5th AGP. Penny Arundel 2nd AGP. Lee Cooper 7th AGP. Colin Cable 7th AGP


11th Long Course Weekend – Wales  

Day 1 - 2.4m swim, Day 2 - 112 mile Bike Ride, Day  3 - 26.2 run. Mark Abela

17th IRONMAN Long Distance  - Bolton
Sam Cable 11.42 Rank WPG 22nd  Neil Smart 13.42, Steve Fincham 13.28, Danny Jenner 14.07

31st Ride London
Spencer Lee. 5hrs 03.Steve Fincham4hrs 53. Danny Jenner 5hrs 07 Matt Field 4hrs 26. Ben Watts 4hrs 20  Dawn Gibson8hrs 51. Ellen O’Shea 7hrs 36. Fred Streatfield 7hrs 55.  Note. Dawn , Ellen and Fred held up due to accidents!!


8th London Triathlon – Standard
Mark Abela. William McLennaMcKenzie

14th VO2 Edenbridge Sprint Tri
Penny Arundel. Colin Cable. Fred Streatfield,  Paul Blacker

Note Fred’s First Triathlon age 65!!

Cotswold Classic – Middle Distance
Mark Abela 5hrs 37

20th IRONMAN Long Distance – Sweden
Marcus Ford 10hrs 42

28th Oysterman Triathlon – Tankerton
Adam Cable    Dave Morris


10th Vitruvian Middle Distance - Rutland
Jason Harvey 6hrs 33

16th Ocean Lake Aquathlon
Ron Evans 32.45 4th Overall, Sarah A 35.59 2nd Lady, Mel Evans 40.13 3rd Lady

18th IRONMAN Long Distance – Wales
Adam Cable    12hrs 28

18th London Durathlon – Richmond Park
Nicola Susans 1st  Lady 2hrs 24

18th Velocity Events – Bodiam Castle
 Team Matt Field & Adam Cable 1st .Sarah Alexandra 4th AGP. Dave Morris 2nd AGP.  Colin Cable 13th AGP

24th IRONMAN Long Distance – Mollorca
Spencer Lee 12hrs 59


EOS Lydd – Sprint Tri
Sarah Alexandra 1st AGP. Dave Morris 1st AGP. Colin Cable 6th AGP.

22nd Bridge Events Solo Duathlon
Ron Evans 3rd  Overall 1hr 15,  Mel Evans 1hr 31

Well done to everyone that has taken part in events near and far this year.  It only leaves me to wish you all the very best of luck in what ever targets you set yourselves for 2017.

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