Andy Long

Group Leader

I have been with the club since 2008, and managed to get to up to Marathon standard in less than a year thanks to the encouragement of other club members. For me running is all about the buzz you get having completed even a basic training run. As one of the Group Leaders it is really great to encourage and help others new to running.


PJ Bowyer-Jones

Group Leader

I didn't start running until I was 48 and it changed my life. I joined Larkfield AC in 2006 and immediately met a great group of people. Over the years I have become involved with the LarkRun Beginners and absolutely love encouraging people to achieve goals they never thought possible. Seeing them become fitter, more confident and happier with themselves makes it all worthwhile.

LarkRun Beginners


Our LarkRun Beginners start on January 11th and July (Date to be decided).

With a progressive week-by-week programme designed to get you from 0 to 5K in 12 weeks.

What's's just £10!! 

Following the conclusion of each Beginners group, we support our new Intermediates to get from 5k to 10k in 6 weeks. We do require our Intermediates to Join the Club at this point. 

So, whether you just want to get fit, back into shape or have a personal goal these groups will help you meet like-minded people and set your own targets with the help of coaches who will look to support those aims and help you have a bit of fun achieving them.

Want to know more or register your interest? Please contact us at: or request to join our Facebook Group.