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‘Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads’

What is Cross Country Running?

Cross Country racing is for everyone. By definition it is a ‘race over natural terrain including, grass, mud, trails’ It can be challenging but it is an excellent form of training and accomplishment.

Why do it?

Quite simply it is the training of champions! It has so many physical and mental benefits and above all is fun. There is no doubt that by running cross country you will improve all other aspects of your running.

Benefits of cross country include

Increase Power

Skill development (tactical, technique etc),

Less stress in ligaments and joints

Builds lower leg strength


Improves Team spirit and camaraderie

Builds Endurance

Increase of CV and pulmonary development

Become a more robust and versatile runner

Boosts Confidence

Builds core strength

Improves Speed Endurance

Relives Stress

As well as the above it is FUN and you can achieve so much, whether it’s tackling a hill without stopping, finishing the race or gaining a top ten finish, the feeling you have when you cross that finish line is amazing.

What you need?

Equipment you will need is pretty much the same as winter road running with a couple of additions

  • Off road trainers – these are trainers that offer more support and grip then standard trainers. We recommend that you purchase these. Off road trainers are brilliant for trail running as well.

  • Spikes are optional – these will help with grip but are not suitable for races with tarmac sections. If buying make sure that you get cross country spikes and not Javelin throwers spikes!!

  • Hat and gloves

  • Towel and change of clothes and trainers

  • Black sack for all your muddy gear

Cross Country – All it takes is all you got

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